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A Law Firm’s Guide To Handling Large Document Collection, Review and Production In-House

It is absolutely essential that both the client and counsel understand the landscape the litigation will expose, and this is accomplished by a thorough and thoughtful document review. Clients need such information to make an informed assessment of the potential risks (and rewards) of continued litigation. Counsel requires it to develop strategies to optimally deal with the facts (good and bad) that will ultimately be presented in the case. There is simply no substitute for carefully developing a proper, compelling and well-presented story on the facts. This webinar will address important legal issues, cost control methods and ensuring eDiscovery technology options and legal project management methodology is utilized fully for your next case so you can succeed.

Key Points

  • Data Growth and the Changing Landscape
  • Preparing your Firm for eDiscovery Projects
  • Assessing the Scope Of Your Project
  • Creating your Collection Plan
  • In-house Review
  • Determining your Best Production Options
  • Key Take-Aways
  • Conclusion

About the Speaker

Phillip Hearn has over 10 years of litigation knowledge managing document heavy litigation in state and federal courts with a solid understanding of law firm practices and business direction as well as advanced familiarity with eDiscovery best practices. He manages the professional services and technical staff at Lexbe and is certified in eDiscovery.

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