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Assisted Review+

Assisted Review+ is Lexbe’s TAR (technology assisted review) application, available within Lexbe eDiscovery Platform or as a managed processing service, that supports fast, accurate, and defensible review of large ESI collections for production. For comprehensive background information about Assisted Review+ and predictive coding/TAR generally, download the Lexbe Assisted Review+ White Paper.

Transparent & Scalable Predictive Coding

Technology-assisted review (TAR),­ also called predictive coding, computer-assisted review (CAR), and many other names, can be used to allow computer-based review of large document sets for production, with human reviewers only needing to code a small sampling of the collection. As ESI collections continue to grow quickly, there is even less time for litigation teams to review significantly greater volumes of case documents with a consistent need to control costs. As noted by the ABA Section on Litigation: “Technology has created a problem [by building] an overwhelming volume of data that is exponentially more expensive to deal with in litigation” and “technology [can] solve the problem that technology created”.

Assisted Review+ technology allows cases with millions of documents and tens of millions of pages to be reviewed for production with expert human reviewers coding only a seed set and control sets to reinforce the accuracy of the coding algorithm. In doing so, massive collections can be reviewed quickly, accurately, and without the need to bear the significant cost of a manual, linear review. Moreover, the underlying logic and sub-processes of Assisted Review+ are entirely disclosed to deliver a transparent and defensible predictive coding methodology in contrast to the “black box” approach of other TAR offerings.

Lexbe’s Assisted Review+ service is available as an Analytics feature within the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform. Alternatively, Assisted Review+ is available as a stand­alone processing service for cases or projects being hosted in other review platforms. Within the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform, Assisted Review+ is applied to documents that have been loaded into a case within your account. As a managed processing service, case documents and a coded seed set and control set (5,000 documents total) are transferred to Lexbe by secure FTP (or sent on a portable drive), Assisted Review+ is applied, and an overlay load file containing the assisted review coding designations for the entire document collection is returned.

Benefits of Assisted Review+

  • Faster Review: Assisted Review+ lets you automatically code even the largest ESI collections after manually reviewing just 5,000 documents.
  • Reduced Review Costs: Eliminate the high costs and risk associated with staffing a large managed review project.
  • Improved Review Quality: As stated by both The Sedona Conference and the Text Retrieval Conference, predictive coding technology can support improved review consistency and accuracy when compared to manual review.
  • Scalable Infrastructure:Leverage the power of Lexbe’s massively scalable server infrastructure to complete predictive coding projects within case deadlines.
  • Flexible Delivery: Assisted Review+ can be applied directly to cases hosted within Lexbe eDiscovery Platform or other leading review tools and litigation support databases, including Concordancetm, iConnecttm, Ringtailtm, Summationtm, and Relativitytm. Upload your data via secure FTP and we return an overlay loadfile for easy and fast database updating.



Security is critically important to us. We specialize in eDiscovery processing, litigation support and online litigation database and document hosting. We are located in Austin, TX and all of our operations are conducted in the United States. We keep data on limited-access servers in locked-down data centers. All data is strong encrypted (256­bit) in­transit and in­place. All Data centers used are US-­based, and provide SOC I and II reports published under SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402 professional standards and are ISO 27001 certified. Whether accessing Assisted Review+ via Lexbe eDiscovery Platform or as a managed processing service, this scalable back­end configuration allows rapid deployment of as many servers as is needed to securely complete even the largest predictive coding projects within short discovery deadlines.

Find more information about our data security standards and security certifications here.